My Name is Stephen Clark.

I have spent nearly all of my working life within The Sports Industry. My formative years were spent in the Ski Industry where I was fortunate to be involved in Ski Hardware (Ski’s & Boots.) I gained over 25 years ski boot fitting and customisation, this knowledge and understanding is what I now am translating into Bicycle Fitting. I have Worked within The Cycle Industry within the past 20 years gaining experience and knowledge of Bicycle Fitting, which I now intend to put to good use.

Having Cycled for fitness since the age of 12, and trying my hand at Amateur level Competition. I was aware not only of my own short comings ability wise, but also the affect subtle changes in position could affect my speed, endurance and comfort on the bike.

I am Cytech 2 Qualified (Cytech is the internationally recognised training and accreditation scheme for Bicycle Technicians. )