Farsports Carbon Wheels from China part 3 Long Term test

BMC 1I have now been using Farsports wheels for over 3 Months on a regular basis (Floods permitting,) they still run true as the day I received them. The bearings are still running smoothly and overall I would have to say I am still as impressed with them as I was the first time I rode them. ┬áIf you have read my earlier reviews and are still deliberating I would have no qualms in recommending them. My whole experience from buying to riding has been a pleasure, I really don’t see the need to buy More expensive branded wheels (unless off course you Race and need to use UCI approved equipment!) Which for the vast majority of us cyclists is not a requirement. From ordering to receipt the whole process from my experience was beyond what I was expecting, I shall be ordering another set for my other bicycle very soon.